Saturday, 27 December 2014

Dutch Scale Seven Group report nr. 17

In the weekend of 18 and 19 October, the Dutch Scale Seven Group was in Belgium promoting S7. Ton Trip was invited to show his S7 railway  “Tripton at Sea” at the Modelspoor Expo in the city of Leuven. I visited this interesting show with my wife and saw Ton operating his beautiful layout. Next year in February 2015 the “Tripton at Sea” layout will be showed at a local model railway show in Herwen a small village in the East of the Netherlands. I will assist Ton to operate the layout and promote the S7 way of modelling.
Ton Trip operating his S7 "Tripton at Sea "layout. Photo CdJ 
For the  S7 Kingswear layout I bought two kits of horse drawn carriages. Two types of carriages are being modelled, a “Single horse Brougham” and a “Single horse Wagonette”. These kits were produced by the firm Parliamentary Trains. I’ve started building the Brougham carriage first. The small kit consists of laser cut parts which fit very well. It’s a joy to build this little coach. For the axles brass parts are included to produce a nice and realistic axle construction. To make the spooked wheels look right, the kit includes parts for a jig to press the spokes in the correct angle against the wheel rim. A very effective solution.
 Finished Brougham carriage. Photo CdJ
 A GWR 3501 Class engine will be build for the broad gauge Kingswear railway. The kit is etched nickle silver and looks great. I started to build the frame first and will make split axles for this engine. The insulated Slater’s hornblocks will be mounted with M0,8 bolts. This will make the construction more appealing. Mounting the hornblocks with the small M0,8 bolts will also make it easy to adjust the hornblocks when placed in the frames.
BG 3501 Class frame under construction. Photo CdJ
Currently there is a nice kit of  a  GWR  “Tadpole” wagon produced by WEP models on the work bench. This brass kit is an interesting example of a wagon with 3 axles and an outside braking system. Ton and I like the WEP kits because they are of a high standard and have that much desired realistic look. 
G.W.R "Tadpole" Fishwagon under construction. Photo CdJ.
For the complete building proces of this wagon look at GWR "Tadpole" building page.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

DSSG Exhibition News 28 August 2014

The beautifull 1:43,5 Scale Seven layout "Tripton at Sea" build by the Dutch Scale Seven Group member Ton Trip will be exposed at a modelrailway exhibition in Belgium.

Grote Modelspoor Expo Leuven
Startdate: 18 October 2014
Enddate : 19 October 2014
Opening times: za 10:00-18:00; zo 09:00-17:00 uur
Location : Leuven (Belgium)
For more information look at

Cor de Jong.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Dutch Scale Seven Group report nr. 16

Over the last few months the DSSG members were busy preparing the Rail 2014 stand.  We want to display some new build models. The themes chosen to display were standard gauge G.W.R. at the left side and broad gauge G.W.R. at the right side of the stand. At the right side of our ScaleSeven information stand there was a Dutch broad gauge railway showing a part of the Haarlem HIJSM station situated in 1860. So we arranged an optical connection between the English and Dutch broad gauge railways. For the visitors it was a point of interest to see this historical connection. The Dutch broad gauge railway is build by Joop Bluijs who used parts delivered by the Broad Gauge Society to build his scale7 tracks and rolling stock. At the left side of our stand was the Courcelle Part railway of Richard Chown. The French scale7 layout of Henri Cibert made the Scale Seven presentation complete. So at Rail 2014 there was a strong international Scale Seven presence.

A model by Joop Bluijs of the Dutch broad gauge in 1860, built to S7 standards.

A scale7 model of a PLM heavy tank built by Henri Cibert .

Some new models are build and some under construction. From a WEP  kit a G.W.R. Fruit Van is build in the 1900 - 1910 style. Cor also did the piping in the frame and added the safety loops for the clasp brake yokes. An D&S Models’ G.W.R. Scorpion is also almost finished. A picture of the prototype is used for more details and make the small but beautiful model more complete.

 A GWR Fruit Van to diagram Y2 built form a WEP kit with added detail by Cor de Jong. 
For the broad gauge Kingswear railway a series of four G.W.R. Tilt Wagons are under construction. At the Rail 2014 show, one of them was completed and displayed. A wooden floor is fitted into the wagon -unusually the planking runs longitudinally- and real chains are mounted at the door sides. The shape and colour of the wagon make a model interesting and special on the railway.

Inside the G.W.R broad gauge tilt wagon.

G.W.R broad gauge tilt wagon. 
A new broad gauge engine kit of the BG 3501 Class is delivered and will be built this year. The complete kit is delivered by the BGS. For this engine the S7 wheels are made by Slater’s and they look very realistic. An ABC Gears mini gooch gearbox and motor will used for driving the engine.
Ton Trip bought some WEP brass kits to build for his Tripton at Sea railway. This railway will displayed later on this year 18 and 19 October in Leuven, Belgium.

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Cor de Jong