Friday, 19 January 2018

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 18 januari 2018

The G.W.R 2-4-0 3501 Class 
The 2-4-0 G.W.R broad gauge tender engine is build using a kit of the Broad Gauge Society. A very nice kit to build not complicated. The etchings are nickel silver and the castings brass. The wheels are in the S7 standard. I made the axles split to pick up power from the bearings. Use Slater's isolated horn blocks to get these horn blocks isolated from the frame. 

G.W.R 2-4-0T Broad Gauge 3501 Class. Foto CdJ. 
2-4-0T  G.W.R Stella Class. 
This engine is under construction and made progress. I need to finish the inside motion and make the engine run smooth.  There will be a sound decoder in the engine, for the synchronize of the sound  we will use a Hall device. Head and tail lamps with small led’s. Need to finish the working inside motion. The Dean 2500 Gallon tender in the original shape is almost finished. The wheels are S7 and the tender and engine axles are compensated.
G.W.R  2-4-0 Stella Class double frame and driving wheels. Foto CdJ

GWR 2500 Gallon Dean tender. Foto CdJ.
 Single Horse Wagonette.
For the scenery I build a Single Horse Wagonette usable for my S7 Minehead railway. This carriages where used to transport travelers to the hotels or so. A nice little kit bought from Parliamentary Trains. The kit is made of laser cut plastic parts. It fits very well but you need patience to finish the small but nice kit.  A horse man and horse made the coach complete. 

Till next Cor de Jong