Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dutch Scale Seven Group report nr. 11

Our visit at Ton's home on Friday 15th July 2011

As Arnold and Cor thought of visiting their companion in S7, Ton Trip, they chose happily enough their appointment on the only gorgeous summer evening among other rainy days. Although fairly long the trip was very worthwhile. We had set the goal to photograph the progress Ton made on his new bought kit of Mitchells’/JLTRT GWR 517class. Right after their arrival at Ton’s home the model was carried outside to catch it in the last rays of natural light that day.

The weather was so nice it was decided to stay outside and we settled in the garden talking S7 models. Of course the build of Ton’s model was one of the subjects we talked about. We were especially curious after his building experiences with this kit and our conclusion is that it is still very appealing because of its extended range of possibilities to make any version you would like. Above all: the kit contains frame spacers for Scale 7. Ton chose to make a version without the outside axle bearings of the trailing wheel, an open cab, straight coal fender and a round top boiler.
Cor brought his model of the 15t Cowan Sheldon crane from D & S Models and was very much admired for the result he achieved so far. Cor admitted the final state where all kinds of small bits and pieces have to be attached is a slow process. However the scratch build new chimney Cor made on his lathe was something to be proud of. Recognising the model Ton recalled he build one in 4mm scale also from D & S Models and he fetched his smaller version upstairs to compare it on the garden table. Both models need to be married with an appropriate match truck. The crane in 4mm can be supplied with the kit from Brassmasters of a GWR L4 match truck but there isn’t (yet) a kit of a GWR L4 truck to match the 15t Cowan Sheldon crane in 7mm scale. For now a two-plank wagon of Dracon Models will do. We are thinking of making a scratch build L4 match truck for Cor’s crane in the future to make the picture complete.
Arnold showed his progress on his redesigned frame for his Roxey Mouldings kit of the GWR Medium Metro class. The frets of this kit were designed and converted to 7mm scale by Rod Neep more than 25 years ago. Scale 7 was not that much in the picture at that time so obviously this kit contains no S7 frame spacers to suit the frame. Arnold’s desire to build in a working inside motion makes the frame plates which come with this kit even more unlikely useable. Therefore new frame plates complete with S7 spacers will be made.
At the latest G-0-G Summer Show in Halifax Arnold met Peter Silvester who’s also building a GWR Medium Metro from the kit of Roxey Mouldings. Peter gave besides more prototype information and lots of inspiration some detailed pictures of his model in progress. The blown pictures and various details were discussed in humble admiration of this modeller.
Ton unfolded his plans to make a fiddle yard for his (still unnamed) S7 layout. He struggled with the thought how to get rails for this project. A swift explanation how to use aluminium sections for this goal cleared the way to start with this part of his layout. Ton also mentioned to be invited with his layout to attend the next model railway show RAIL.
Before Arnold and Cor left Ton offered the chassis of his failing pannier tank engine for repair. One of the axle ends of this loco came loose from the working inside motion caused by an insufficient soldered joint.
There was so much to talk about but Arnold and Cor had to leave to go home. A long journey back seemed afterwards caused by the delay of traffic jams on road repair. It was a very nice meeting and very worthwhile in spite of the fact we came home around 01:00am.

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  1. Hello Arnold. My name is Nick Lowe and I live in England. I have only just picked up on your post dated Sunday 17 July 2011 about Cor's Cowans Sheldon crane and saying about there being no match truck available in 7mm.
    I am having talks with Brassmasters to have a 7mm etch tool produced to enable this match truck to be produced. Would it be possible for you to ask Cor if he would be interested.
    My e-mail address is
    Many thanks
    Nick Lowe

  2. Hello Nick,

    To day 5/04 I send you an email.