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Dutch Scale Seven Group report nr. 10

17 July 2011

In this report we inform you  about the start of the Scale 7 layout located in the house of  Cor.
Some weeks ago one of  Cor’s children moved to an apartment in Haarlem. As a result an extra room for railway modeling was created by internally moving furniture in the house. This room is connected with the already existing railway room so there is more space now to set up a model railway. The shape of the two connected rooms is not a normal shape as one of the walls has an angle of 45 degrees. The result of this unusual shape means we can set up a model railway with a length of 14 metres. And we have a space extension in the third connecting room for a fiddle yard with a length of 4 metres. We will set up this fiddle yard extension on the evenings we want to run our trains or on the open days we will plan in the future. But first we need to work hard to set up the layout.

Drawing left side.
Drawing right side.

Left side frame construction.
 In the third week of June all the basic painting in the rooms was done and we could set up the first woodwork of the new layout. After some discussion we decided to build the baseboards on the height of 1.45 metres. This height creates space under the layout to work easy and serves as a storage place. The height is at eye level so we can see our models in a realistic view.
More daily information about the construction of the Scale 7 railway will be published on the  new DSSG blog.

The DSSG members are still busy with their models.
Ton has started to build a 517 Class with a kit from Malcom Mitchell/JLTRT, Slater’s wheels profiled by Christopher Makepeace and an ABC motor and gear. Arnold spent time to collect all these parts for Ton. Some pictures will follow. Arnolds horsebox is progressing and Cor is hard at work to get the 15 tons Cowan Crane ready. And we did some experimental work to produce sleepers for the new layout. The best wood we could find to produce sleepers was bought at Action, a shop here in Haarlem, where you can buy all kinds of house decoration articles. We used the sets of wooden sticks which are produced for mixing paint. The cost is very low but the quality of the wood is just what we need to produce wooden scale sleepers.
For drawing the track and point templates we will use the well known Templot track design program.

15 Tons Cowan crane under construction.
For more detail photo's see the next link (Dutch text)

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