Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 9 June 2020

The building of the Minehead platform is going on. The whole lenght is all most ready covered with tiles en gravel. At the end a new station building has to be build.

View from the signal box on to the platform. The 0-6-0 Pannier 5775 is ready for leaving to Watchet. 
At the left of the picture the small locomotive depot will be with the old engine house. A small turntable is needed for the engines with a tender such as the 2-4-0 Stella  Class.

Last instructions to the driver before leaving the station. 

The tile pattern is pressed into cardboard using my CNC milling machine.

A special formed pressing tool is used for pressing the pattern into the card board. The spindle of the CNC milling machine is not turning. 

The right site of the station at the left site of the picture the yard for the cattle loading dock and goods wagons . 
At the right site of the railway the tracks for the cattle loading dock and storage for goods wagons will build.
All the track is handlaid using C&L bullhead rails and GWR 2 bolt chairs. The slepers are home made. The templates for the points are generated using the Templot track design program.

Goods yard there is still a lot of modelling work to do. 
Till next Cor

Monday, 13 April 2020

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 13 April 2020

The proces of building a S7 layout at home still going on. For my Minehead railway I started to builds the platform, points and track. 
Building track is a lot of work and so also the platform with a total lengt of 4.75 meter. I follow the Minehead railplan 1900 - 1910 with the small engine depot and turntable. In the corner at the left side the engine house and a small coal loading dock. The other buildings are the station building and a warehouse. At the right side a cattle dock a road bridge and track to the fiddle yard. Some pictures of the progress to look at. 

The railplan fitted in the room.

The stone pattern for the platform siding is made of foam bord. One of the card layers is removed from one side, then I pressed the stone pattern in the foam with my CNC milling machine. After pressing the pattern I painted the foam with acrylic paint. 

Pressing the pattern into the foam board with the CNC milling machine. I drawn a DXF drawing load this file into the CNC control system USB CNC this program generate a G-Code and controls the machine. It's an other how to use the CNC milling machine. 
Result after painting. 

The 2-4-0 Stella arrived at the platform with a passenger train. The Auto coach is waiting for the next run. 

Sunday time al the engines are parked at the side track waiting for the next job. 

Dean Goods 2325 arrived with a mineral train. 
Till next Cor de Jong 

Monday, 3 February 2020

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 03 February 2020.

For my Minehead 1900 -1910 railway I build three one horse carriages using the kits of Parliamentary Trains. This small but lovely little road vehicles are easy to build when following the well documented and clear instructions step by step.  This road vehicles used for transporting the travelers from the station to a hotel or home. I painted the carriages black but other colors are also possible it' s your choose. Parliamentary  Trains has 3 road vehicles in their program I  build them all with a lot of pleasure. But you need a lot of patience to put all the small en fragiele parts together.

One Horse Wagonnette.

One Horse Brougham.

One Horse Station cab.

Till next,

Cor de Jong.

Monday, 23 December 2019

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 23 december 2019

In the weekend of 7 and 8 December we presented the S7 layout "Tripton by the Sea " build by Ton Trip at the Modelling Exhibition in Gangelt  Germany.

The show was very busy and a lot of people visit the layout and talking with us about modelling railway models and the S7 standards.

We ran a lot of different GWR models build by Ton en Cor. After some little problems the railway was operated for two days. Also we provided shunt movements and made a realistic way of running a model railway. All the engines where equipped with DCC decoders and we had radio controlled handheld controllers so we could walk along the layout talking and operating.

Some pictures of the layout.

0-6-0 Saddle tank 2028 waiting with a goods train.

The farmer brings the milk to the station.

Travellers waiting for the next train.

Sealor went home. 

Goods train with the 6 wheeled fish wagon
Waiting for the milk train at the loading dock.

The coal trader picks his stock for the coming winter. 

Auto coach passed the viaduct. 

Auto coach with pannier engine arrived at the station. 
Till next Cor de Jong.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 27 October 2019

The renovation and converting from finescale to scale seven and DCC of my GWR 0-6-0 5775 Pannier tank is finished.

The engine is now ready for running at my scale seven layout.
Everything is fine and the engine runs very well and smooth. I build a Tams DCC decoder in the engine.

Renovated GWR 0-6-0 Pannier tank 5775/ Photo CdJ. 

Friday, 6 September 2019

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 6 September 2019


At Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December 2019 there will be a modelling show in Gangelt Germany.

More information at the website

At this show we will setup the 1:43,5 scale seven layout of Ton Trip "Tripton by the Sea"  this 9 meter (30 ft ) long  layout will in operation with rolling stock build by Ton Trip and Cor de Jong both promotors of the scale seven standards of modelling.

It's the first time this beautiful layout will presented in Germany. Scale seven is not a well-known way of modelling in Germany so we promote scale seven for the German gauge 0 friends. We have a broad collection of rolling stock engines, coaches and wagons to run at the layout. There is no timetable but we run while we are talking with the interested modellers.
Train with coaches arrives in the station. Foto CdJ.
The layout is designed for a point to point operation so trains arrive in the station and after shunting they leave in the opposite direction. A push pull train with an Auto coach is typical for a GWR branch line and will regular run with a Pannier tank engine. A GWR Dean Goods serve the goods trains with different wagons for coal, parcels, livestock, fish and so on.

GWR 0-6-0 Dean Goods. Foto CdJ.
It's interesting to see and feel the English way of modelling and operation.

Cor de Jong

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 6 July 2019.

A small project I get on is the rebuild of my GWR 0-6-0 Pannier tank 5775.

I build engine in 1994 using an Erik Underhill brass kit. My first build engine in 7mm.
This engine ran on several model shows and needed an upgrade to scale seven standards.
I dismantled the engine and found the power pickups where worn out. So a replace is needed. I removed the old Slater's fine scale wheels and axles to replace them for scale seven wheels and axles.
In his next live the engine will be DCC fitted to operate at my scale seven layout "Minehead".

GWR 0-6-0 Pannier 5775 working at my old Andoversford layout. Foto CdJ.

The beautiful scale seven wheels. Foto CdJ 
The  beautiful scale seven wheels supplied by the scale seven group included the crank pins are a eye catcher very fine and prototypical.

Scale seven wheels , axle and crankpin. Foto CdJ.

The 0-6-0 Pannier 5775 on her or his new wheels. Foto CdJ.
Details. Foto CdJ.
The worn out power pickups after many running hours at shows. Foto CdJ.

It's a nice job the refurbish your first build brass engine so he or she can run the following years at my scale seven layout "Minehead". 

Till next Cor.