Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 11 december 2018


The 1:43,5 scale seven layout "Tripton by the Sea" build by Ton Trip will be showed in the Netherlands again.!

 At Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 January 2019 this layout will be up and running at the:

Nederlandse Modelspoordagen
Locatie De "Broodfabriek"
Volmerlaan 12
2288CD te Rijswijk.

For more information visit the website Nederlandse Modelspoordagen.

At this show we will run scale seven engines, wagons, and coaches build by Ton Trip and Cor de Jong both members of the English  Scale Seven Group. The rolling stock is  to run at scale seven tracks with a correct scale gauge of 33.00 mm.
We can and like inform you how to use the scale seven standards when you want to build a layout or rolling stock.

"Tripton by the Sea" is the only 1:43,5 scale seven layout for exhibitions in the Netherlands.

GWR 0-6-0 Saddle tank with goods train. Foto CdJ.

GWR 0-6-0 Dean Goods with passenger train. Foto CdJ 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 18 januari 2018

The G.W.R 2-4-0 3501 Class 
The 2-4-0 G.W.R broad gauge tender engine is build using a kit of the Broad Gauge Society. A very nice kit to build not complicated. The etchings are nickel silver and the castings brass. The wheels are in the S7 standard. I made the axles split to pick up power from the bearings. Use Slater's isolated horn blocks to get these horn blocks isolated from the frame. 

G.W.R 2-4-0T Broad Gauge 3501 Class. Foto CdJ. 
2-4-0T  G.W.R Stella Class. 
This engine is under construction and made progress. I need to finish the inside motion and make the engine run smooth.  There will be a sound decoder in the engine, for the synchronize of the sound  we will use a Hall device. Head and tail lamps with small led’s. Need to finish the working inside motion. The Dean 2500 Gallon tender in the original shape is almost finished. The wheels are S7 and the tender and engine axles are compensated.
G.W.R  2-4-0 Stella Class double frame and driving wheels. Foto CdJ

GWR 2500 Gallon Dean tender. Foto CdJ.
 Single Horse Wagonette.
For the scenery I build a Single Horse Wagonette usable for my S7 Minehead railway. This carriages where used to transport travelers to the hotels or so. A nice little kit bought from Parliamentary Trains. The kit is made of laser cut plastic parts. It fits very well but you need patience to finish the small but nice kit.  A horse man and horse made the coach complete. 

Till next Cor de Jong 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dutch Scale Seven Group Newsletter 21 January 2016

In November there was a publication in the France Loco-Revue magazine of our performance at the Ramma show at Sedan (france).
Eight pages about the " Tripton at Sea " scale seven railway of Ton Trip where filled with beautiful pictures and an inspiring text. An include DVD showed a lot of model railway is operation and also the Tripton at Sea layout with running scale seven engines and stock build by Ton Trip and Cor de Jong both from the Netherlands.

Typical English houses build bij Ton.  Photo CdJ

Goods train hauled bij the 0-6-0 GWR Saddle tank. Photo CdJ.
GWR brakevan with external framing. Photo CdJ 
Next show will be in March the OnTrax show in Utrecht. This show will held in the Dutch National Railway Museum. We will set up the Tripton at Sea railway and operate for 3 days. 

Next project is to build the 2-4-0 GWR Stella class complete with inside motion.
This engine is complicated because the double frame construction and outside cranks for the coupling rods. The scale seven group supplied longer axles to fit in the frame. It will be a nice engine.

Inside motion under construction for the Stella Class. Foto CdJ.
 Till next,


Sunday, 4 October 2015

DSSG Extra Exhibition News. October 2015

Extra news at the RAMMA exhibition at SEDAN I wil show my last finished 1:43,5 S7 model of a Cowan Sheldon Railway brakedown crane.
This model is build from a D&S kit but I added extra details to make the model more complete.

Finshed model of the 15 tons Cowan Sheldon railway crane. Foto CdJ.

Mechanics of the crane. Foto CdJ 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

DSSG Exhibition News September 2015

At 10 and 11 October The Dutch Scale Seven Group will be present at the French Modelling Exhibition "RAMMA" at Sedan.

Ton Trip will set up his "Tripton at Sea " layout. Cor de Jong will set up a small Scale Seven information stand and build models. Some of Cor's models will run at the "Tripton at Sea " layout. 

At 17 October Cor will set up a Scale Seven information stand again at the Spoornul weekend in Zutphen. The 0 scale show in Zutphen will be held at 17 and 18 October in the Dalton College.

Little chain to secure the brake handle. Foto CdJ.


Sunday, 31 May 2015

Dutch Scale Seven Group report nr. 18

Dutch Scale Seven Group report May 2015.

In the last weekend of February, Ton Trip and I were at the 2 day’s model railway show in Herwen, where Ton set up his “Tripton at Sea” railway. On Saturday, we operated the layout with his engines A Pannier tank and a Metro Class and on Sunday, I took some wagons and my GWR 0-6-0 Saddletank and GWR 0-6-0 Dean Good to let them run at the layout. My Dean Goods made its maiden trip on this fine detailed layout too. The engine ran really well as it comes complete with ESU DCC Sound decoder, inside motion, and ABC gears. The chosen 1900 colour scheme looks very realistic. The Saddle tank also gave a great performance. At the show, we promoted the ScaleSeven standards and way of modelling, which resulted in interesting discussions around the model railway and the ScaleSeven models.

Sunday at the Herwen Show in the Netherlands Cor's locos at work on Ton Trip's layout Tripton.
GWR Dean Goods cab details.
Last month I finished a GWR “Tadpole”, which is a very fine wagon with 3 axles and a outside break compensation system. A WEP models kit was used and I added more details. In order to do that, I mounted CPL buffers and couplings and put the vacuum and steam pipes under the frame. The spring hangers are modified and parts of CPL springs are used to get the correct detail. By the doors I mounted small chains for a more realistic look. These are so small, you need a magnifier to mount them.

Cor's 'Tadpole' fish truck built from a WEP kit with extra embellishments.
The GWR “Scorpion” is also finished.  This model is built with a D&S kit as the base but a lot of details are added. There is a good picture of the real wagon which we used as a guide.
I made some extra parts of brass and added extra details to the break system. Steam and vacuum pipes are completed under the frame so the frame is packed to show great resemblance to the life size model.

The complete building proces at Building a 'Scorpion'

A close-up of Cor's 'Scorpion' open carriage truck built from a D&S kit.

Cor's  'Scorpion' doing what is was build to do ...
GWR 'Scorpion'  ready to take a load.
Next job will be the GWR 2-4-0 “Stella”  class. This engine will be build as it looks in 1900 - 1910. I am waiting for the extended driving axles because the Slater’s are too short for ScaleSeven.
We hope to get an other opportunity to promote ScaleSeven in the Netherlands. Perhaps at the end of the year in October Ton will setup his ScaleSeven layout in Sedan (France). When everything goes well I will go there to operate the “Tripton at Sea” layout and promote ScaleSeven again.
Activities for the coming months will include building points and tracks for the “Minehead 1900 -1910 “ railway. A face book page of the Dutch Scale Seven Group is online and reactions continue to come from modellers in different countries and I encourage you to take a look too.

For Facebook look at  DSSG Facebook page.

All pictures C de Jong.

Till next time, Cor

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Dutch Scale Seven Group report nr. 17

In the weekend of 18 and 19 October, the Dutch Scale Seven Group was in Belgium promoting S7. Ton Trip was invited to show his S7 railway  “Tripton at Sea” at the Modelspoor Expo in the city of Leuven. I visited this interesting show with my wife and saw Ton operating his beautiful layout. Next year in February 2015 the “Tripton at Sea” layout will be showed at a local model railway show in Herwen a small village in the East of the Netherlands. I will assist Ton to operate the layout and promote the S7 way of modelling.
Ton Trip operating his S7 "Tripton at Sea "layout. Photo CdJ 
For the  S7 Kingswear layout I bought two kits of horse drawn carriages. Two types of carriages are being modelled, a “Single horse Brougham” and a “Single horse Wagonette”. These kits were produced by the firm Parliamentary Trains. I’ve started building the Brougham carriage first. The small kit consists of laser cut parts which fit very well. It’s a joy to build this little coach. For the axles brass parts are included to produce a nice and realistic axle construction. To make the spooked wheels look right, the kit includes parts for a jig to press the spokes in the correct angle against the wheel rim. A very effective solution.
 Finished Brougham carriage. Photo CdJ
 A GWR 3501 Class engine will be build for the broad gauge Kingswear railway. The kit is etched nickle silver and looks great. I started to build the frame first and will make split axles for this engine. The insulated Slater’s hornblocks will be mounted with M0,8 bolts. This will make the construction more appealing. Mounting the hornblocks with the small M0,8 bolts will also make it easy to adjust the hornblocks when placed in the frames.
BG 3501 Class frame under construction. Photo CdJ
Currently there is a nice kit of  a  GWR  “Tadpole” wagon produced by WEP models on the work bench. This brass kit is an interesting example of a wagon with 3 axles and an outside braking system. Ton and I like the WEP kits because they are of a high standard and have that much desired realistic look. 
G.W.R "Tadpole" Fishwagon under construction. Photo CdJ.
For the complete building proces of this wagon look at GWR "Tadpole" building page.

Till next ....